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Why should I use a moisturizer?

Tanning indoors or outdoors is drying to your skin. An accelerator will naturally speed up the production of melanin so the pigments will begin to darken immediately. Using a high quality specially formulated tanning moisturizer will help replenish vitamins and nutrients, keeping your skin smooth and younger looking while helping you maintain that dark tan you love. Remember properly moisturized skin TANS FASTER, TANS DARKER, and STAYS TANNED LONGER!!! Dry, neglected skin reflects UV light, not allowing it to tan underneath. It also exfoliates faster, causing the tan to fade quickly. All of our tanning products can be used for indoor and outdoor tanning. Remember if you plan to use the products we sell outdoors, they do not have sunscreen. Note: it is important to know that only those products designed for indoor tanning should be used in our tanning beds. Other products may contain ingredients that could slow down the tanning process as well as damage the acrylic shields in the beds. If you are unsure about a product you have, please ask a Sun Kissed Tanning consultant. Remember after tanning—Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!!!

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