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How long will it take to get a tan?

The professional indoor tanning industry promotes and teaches what we refer to as The Golden Rule of Smart Tanning: Don’t ever sunburn. Everyone's skin is different, and the tanning process occurs at different speeds depending on a person's skin type. Those with darker complexions will usually tan faster than those with fair skin. As a general rule, 3-6 consecutive sessions (every other day or not more than 4 times per week) will give you a base tan. This also depends on whether or not you use an accelerator/indoor tanning lotion and the condition of your skin. We recommend 2 sessions a week to maintain your tan once you have reached your desired tan color. You may not see immediate results after your tanning session but remember it can take up to 48 hours for the tan to appear. Safe Tanning Takes Time – Don’t Over Do It!

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